Ultra HD 1296P Vehicle Camera DVR with 4-inch Display And Night Vision Back View Camera

Item No.: H9000
MOQ: 10pcs
Payment terms: T/T,Paypal,Western Union
Function: Take a video when driving the car
Supply Ability: 100000pcs/month

Product Description

Ultra HD 1296P vehicle camera DVR with 4-inch display and night vision back view camera

Product features 

Dual front and rear camera, rear view camera support
170-degree wide-angle lens, using 170-degree wide-angle infrared filter glass imports 6 glass lens, high temperature does not change color, advanced deformity correction technology, greatly reducing the bending of the image, so that quality is more perfect.
Wide dynamic range (WDR): for local exposure control frame (eliminates glare and dimming)
HDR High Dynamic treatment: either high light or dark light, can efficiently synthesize high-quality images, lifelike color reproduction.
3DnR Processing: Intelligent processing, automatic filtering overlapping information, so that the screen effect is more delicate and clear.
Ultra 1296P(2K) video resolution

1080P HD night vision, dual front and rear camera, with LED lights, night brightness increased by 60%, reaching positive effects really HD.
ADAS track shift warning: when the vehicle is deviated from the original track, the system quickly detect and judge, issued a "di, di ...." sound, alarm driver
Front car distance warning: give out alarm when the distance is too short between front and back car
Parking surveillance: stop recording when the front of the camera stationary object, when an object is moved automatically open the video
G-sensor: ensure the specific files are locked when required, avoiding to be recorded over
Loop recording: recorder automatically loop recording,
Night vision: fill in light to allow you to make clear recordings in relatively dark environments 
Support playback: you can watch the video recorded in DVR.

Specification of the super HD car black box

Lens: 170 degree wide-angle, 1200 pixels
Lens aperture: F2.0 aperture, Night vision and more powerful, a clear picture at night
Display: 4.0 inches IPS screen
Memory card: maximum support 32G TF
Video resolution: front camera (1920 * 1296P), rear-view camera (1920 * 1080P)
Supported languages: Chinese, English. Russian
ADAS: warning track shift, front car distance warning
Battery: built-in battery
Power interface: 5V 1.5A
Recorded video analytic: HD 1920 * 1296P, 30fps
Fill light: open the fill light in the dark, sharper video
Rear view camera: both front and rear support record
Size: 115 * 60 * 11mm
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