Mini GPS tracker TK201 for Personal/Pets Overs-peed Alarm Long Standby Time SOS

Item No.: TK201
MOQ: 20pcs
Payment terms: T.T ,PAYPAL ,Western Union
Function: Tracking the position of your car
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs - 50,000pcs per month

Product Description

Mini GPS tracker TK201 for personal/pets overspeed alarm long standby time SOS
1.SMS and GPRS two modes can be switched
2. Real-time location tracking
3.SOS emergency help
4. Geo-fence
5. Shift alarm: when the tracker can stay when the fortification, once the shift can be authorized to the alarm number.
6. Overspeed alarm: can be set to monitor the target at a certain speed, more than the speed to alarm.
7. Low power alarm
8. With power saving low power mode
9. Long standby
10. Waterproof and dust proof design
11. Add GPX
12. Free Web server, mobile APP (for Android and iOS)

1, GPS chips:    Ublox G7020
2, GSM chips:   MTK6261
3, Work current: 30mA
 standby current: 2mA
4, Charging current and volt: 5V, 500mA
5, First work get GPS position time: less 1min
6, Protocol: TCP

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