LED electromagnetic parking sensor with no drill installation

Item No.: U303
MOQ: 500pcs
Payment terms: T.T ,PAYPAL ,Western Union
Function: Car reverse parking systems
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs - 50,000pcs per month

Product Description

Electromagnetic parking sensor with LED display, model U-303

Parking sensor install inside bumper

Parking sensor with no dead angle


  • Improves parking safety, detection in all directions without dead angle
  • Minimize bumper damage, totally built-in installation without impair overall appearance
  • Indicates object distance with different beeping frequencies, the sensor antenna activates 3 types of acoustic
  • Signals during approaching an obstacle at different distances
  • Continuous sound of beep approximately between 0-0.3m 
  • Short interval sound of beep approximately between 0.3-0.5m 
  • A long interval sound of beep approximately between 0.5-0.7m 
  • Simple and concealed installation, the sensor antenna is entirely installed 
  • Inside the bumper without any drilling work
  • Maintenance free, no cleaning or washing is required


  • Fit for any car, truck, RV or mini-van, peel and stick antenna foil tape 
  • Sensor for vehicles bumpers
  • Wires to reverse lamp (12 volts DC) 
  • High output Piezo buzzer alert you with a beeping sound 
  • Detects object at 3 feet or less 

Packing details:

  • Quantity: 20 pieces/carton and 50 pieces/carton
  • Sizes: 39x26x32 and 53x37x37cm
  • Net weight: 5.5kg
  • Gross weight: 12kg