2016 new mirror parking sensor with 4.3inch monitor

Item No.: ST-850A
MOQ: 100
Payment terms: T.T ,PAYPAL ,Western Union
Function: Car display for reverse parking system
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs - 50,000pcs per month

Product Description

Model No.: ST-850A


Rearview Mirror parking sensor system :

*Car Parking Sensor module on rearview mirror

*High reflection plating front mirror

*OEM replacement rearview mirror

*With more than 20 different models of mirror holders for almost all of the cars in the market

Parking Sensor

1) Car Rear 4-Sensor Parking Sensor System;
2) Advanced self-diagnosis with error indication;
3) Sensor detection range: 0~2.5m, buzzer alert from 40cm to 1.5m, display readout from 0 to 2.5m;
4) 4*S01single angled sensor, 22MM  in diameter, plastic flat, fit for plastic bumper;
5) Detection accuracy: CM;
6) Power Input: 9.6-15V DC;

[Screen Sizs]: 4.3inch
y Screen]:TFT-LCD
[display Resolution]:480(H)*RGB*272(V)
[Aspect Ratio]:16:9
[Power Supply]:<2W
[Power Supply]:DC12V
[Video Input]:AV1 to VCD/DVD(defaulted),AV2 to backup camera.
[Signal Syslem]:PAL/AUTO/NTSC
[Contrasl Ratil]:300:1

Prodrct Features:
1.TFT-LCD dispaly for DVD/VCD .player
2.Special anti-glaring glasses for eye sight protetion,in position of the original rearview mirror
3.Automatically switch to rear view system when reversing,ensure to parking safely.
4.Touch screen button control
5.Can connect to VCD/DVD/TV/GPS and etc.video input device.
6.Easy for installation and uninstallation
7.replace the original car mirror(provide different car mirror base)

Auto Switching When Reverse:

1.Under power-on condition:When reverse gear is engaged,the system automatically switches from DVD/VCD video to
backup camera video,and when parking is completed,it switches back automatically.
2.Under power-off condition:When reverse gear is engaged,the system automatically starts on to find the camera
signal and display backup video.When parking is completed,it switches off automatically.



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