4.3inch mirror monitor car parking sensor with reverse camera

Item No.: ST-780D
MOQ: 100
Payment terms: T.T ,PAYPAL ,Western Union
Function: Car display for reverse parking system
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs - 50,000pcs per month

Product Description


  • Screen Size: 4.3 inch
  • OEM replacement bracket style
  • Video  Input :AV1 to VCD/DVD(defaulted).  AV2 to backup camera
  • Special anti-glaring glasses for eye sight protestion
  • Automatically switch to rear view system when reversing
  • Touch screen button control
  • Can connect to VCD/DVD/TV/GPS and etc.video input device
  • Easy for instal lation and uninstallation


  • Mirror view and normal view switchable
  • Pin nailed camera mounting at upper side of license-plate
  • Extra low-illumination for clear night vision


Packing sensor

  • Compatible with any car monitor supported Video IN
  • Compatible with any car camera
  • Automatically switch on when reverse gear is engaged
  • 4 sensors detect obstacles behind vehicle and display distance data in the monitor
  • Audible alert emits when sensors detect obstacles within effective range
  • Dust-proof control box with switches for adjusting camera frequency
  • Detachable sensor with water-proof joiner, easy for replacing sensor
  • Sensor imbedded mounting in bumper


Detail pictrures :