New high quality truck vehicle truck parking sensor system with reasonable price

Item No.: ST-H2004
MOQ: 100pcs
Payment terms: T.T ,PAYPAL ,Western Union
Function: truck reverse parking system
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs - 50,000pcs per month

Product Description

Monitor Truck parking sensor system with 12-24V voltage supply And truck cameras together


Features :  


1. Truck wired Parking Sensor 12-24V
2. Four rear detection sensor,25mm diameter sensor high quality sensor,waterproof IP67
3. sensor cable length is 6meters,special for truck
4. Waterproof control box to get good all weather function
5. Sensor connecting wire is thick and with outer plastic shell, can protect inner wires very well
6.  Monitor display with Aviation connector, length is 20meters
7. Package Box:23X30X6 Weight:1500g





1.Detaction distance range:5.0m~0.4m, alarming distance:5.0m~0.1m

2.Operatin voltage:DC12V ,operating temperature : -30~ +80

3.Warning increase in frequency when obstacles move closer within 5.0m

4.Waterproof design for mainframe,installed outside is available 

5.Wireless connection between display and control box

6.Improved anti-interference function

7.The display only recognize the ID code of itself mainframe 


CE ,E-mark ,FCC,ROHS,ISO9001:2008 certificates